Review: Zekkei Kujira – SHE

SHE is the newest demo CD from Zekkei Kujira (絶景クジラ), a four-piece all-female band based out of Osaka. Featuring a wide range of musical styles, Zekkei Kujira is fronted by the charismatic Natsuko Polaris, whose powerful vocals are sure to leave an impression. Their instrumental leads are often a duel between Natsuko’s  weird and eerie synth keyboard and guitarist Nozo’s classic, overdriven riffs.


Track List

  1. basalisk
  2. Taiwan II (台湾 II)
  3. Gomen ne to sayonara wo(ごめんねとさよならを)

basalisk starts the demo single off with an atonal guitar blend and an almost insect-like keyboard drone before leading to the featured song, Taiwain II. A catchy, poppy vocal refrain over yet another weird synth starts off this upbeat number that fails to disappoint all the way through. The third track finishes off the demo with a classic-sounding pop rock love song. As a whole, this is their strongest release to date. It’s their fourth demo release, each featuring three tracks (although usually one track is not a standard song).

Zekkei Kujira are currently making quite the impression in the indie scene, with a spot at premiere festival Rock in Japan this summer and an upcoming gig as opening act for Hook Up Records’ 10th anniversary show at Shinsaibashi BIGCAT, the largest all-standing music venue in Osaka.

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