2015 Band Breakup Blues Part 2

Part 1 can be found here.

Gotou Mariko (後藤まりこ)

The eccentric singer-songwriter Gotou Mariko started a solo music career after the break-up of her jazz-punk-noise band Midori in 2010. Her music and image were both a mix of cute and crazy. Her songs mixed jazz and pop with sickly-sweet, out-of-tune melodies punctuated by screaming, and she often wore a school girl outfit (at at least 10 years after her true school days) while crowd-surfing half of the length of her shows. She publicly quit her label in 2014 on twitter after an incident where she assaulted a cameraman with a mic stand and threw his camera into the crowd during a show. He was an official photographer, but she claimed that her management never informed her about him, so she thought he was a fan trying to get on stage and photograph her. She later was picked up by different management until January of this year when they announced all of her upcoming shows were canceled due to sickness. Some time passed before Mariko live-streamed an announcement where she quit music performance. After an absence from social media, she returned to public life in the summer as a song composer for idol and pop groups, stating she wouldn’t be performing herself again.

Oz (オズ)

A pop hard rock band hailing from Okinawa, they held a yearly concert on Halloween and finished off the tradition this year with one last holiday show on October 31 before breaking up. Bassist Shin recently announced his newest project: visual-kei band ANOMIY.


This briefly-lived pop metal unit was a collaboration between frontwoman Aimi of alt rock band Stereopony and guitarist/songwriter Arai of serial TV drama, both bands that broke up several years earlier. Their new band was zombie themed, including the lyrics for all four of their released songs such as Party of the Dead. AiU played a number of shows from late 2014 to early 2015 before ceasing all activities without any announcement. Their official status is still unknown, but it seems unlikely they’ll return from this hiatus.


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