2015 Band Breakup Blues Part 3

Final part in this series. Part 2 can be found here.

Itsue (イツエ)

This is a band that I knew about for a long time, but I didn’t take an interest in until it was too late. I started listening to their 2015 release and really enjoyed it, but their last show was sold out more than three months in advance. I think they sound quite similar to Zaien Lily mentioned in the last break up post — alternate rock, a bit of a shoegaze influence, and very particular, polished vocals. They are officially on hiatus, but I believe the singer has left for a solo project.


Another band with a singer whose voice will just knock you right over. Sharp guitar, aggressive bass, and slick tempo changes set MAMADRIVE apart from other alternative rock bands. Unfortunately, their latest album Urahara is a bit lackluster compared to their previous releases. One of the only bands from Kobe that stayed based in Kobe their whole band life, they’ve announced they are breaking up in March of next year. However, guitarist Sasakawa is reportedly ill and they’ve canceled all final tour shows except their oneman gigs in Tokyo and Kobe in January and March respectively. Even if she isn’t better, they’ll hold them with a support guitarist.

Koyubi (こゆび)

One of my favorite indie bands. They’re alternative rock with wailing emo vocals and screaming lead guitar. Although Koyubi have great recordings, their live performances you can really feel the emotional impact. Their singer Yuuki actually broke her foot last year jumping over the railing at a show last year. Although they have three shows left until they break up in April of next year, their drummer Yuka played her last show this past week.

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