Hara From Hell

No matter how much time you spend going to shows and browsing the web, there will always be some great bands lurking out there waiting for you to discover them. Hara From Hell(ハラフロムヘル) is a five piece band from Chiba and Tokyo that formed four years ago, but I first encountered them this month.


Mizuguchi, the organizer of the music event series Beat Happening! in Tokyo, recommended this band to me and I was really intrigued when I watched them on YouTube. It only took one listen of a song to decide that I wanted to check them out live. The best way I can describe them is if you took singing from a musical like Les Mis and put it over indie rock music. A lot of the songs have a folk sound to them as well. Here’s the song that got me hooked.

Their live performance held up to my expectations. I always enjoy a show when the band members seem like they are having fun playing the music — there’s something infectious about that kind of joy that a musician finds in their own work. Singer Yoko and guitarist Kent both took the front of the stage and gave off that energy.

They’ve just released a single called Matryoshka-san, available at CD stores nation wide, which is the first release from the new Beat Happening! label. It has four tracks, the best two of which are re-recordings from their first mini-album Faust. I’ve mainly been listening to the latter, as the recording quality is still very good and it has several other tracks that I’m quite a fan of as well. Here’s the title-track from the single:



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