New tricot and Zekkei Kujira on 4/27

I was watching a live stream broadcast of tricot’s concert in Wakayama tonight. It was the last stop on their Yattokosa tour of Japan, where they performed at all 17 of 47 prefectures of Japan in which they had never done a show. tricot has always been a band that really shows they care about there fans and this tour is a great example of that attitude. They purposefully went to play shows that probably didn’t sell very well compared to their other options so that fans who live far away could get a chance to see them.

During the encore of the show, they announced a new five-track CD entitled “KABUKU EP” to be released April 27th. None of the tracks have been released, although it’s possible that Pork Ginger will be one of them. It will also be interesting to see what they do about drummers — will there be multiple guest musicians like the last album or will regular support drummer Miyo be doing them all? They also released a new art picture, shown below.


It was also announced last week that another favorite of mine, Zekkei Kujira, will be releasing an album on the same date. It’s also five tracks and is called “Tatori” (他撮り). The lead track is papapa. This was previously included on their third demo, but they’re re-recorded the song. The song hasn’t changed much but the different instrument parts are a little clearer. The tracks have been announced as follows:

  1. My Little Parallel Dreamers (マイリトルパラレルドリーマーズ)
  2. papapa
  3. The burger of Idaho
  4. Mercy Haku (メルシー伯)
  5. Tatori (他撮り)

The first track is also on the third demo, but I imagine it will be a re-recording as well. They’ve released a new music video of papapa with the new recording.

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