Review: tricot – KABUKU EP

Although tricot released a single online (Pork Ginger) during the winter, this is their first physical release in over a year. Not only that, but it’s a return to the mini album format that most bands abandon after they start making full length CDs.


Track List

  1. Nichijo_Seikatsu
  2. Setsuyakuka (節約家)
  3. Aaa (あーあ)
  4. Plastic (プラスチック)
  5. Aoi Kuse (青い癖)

As with their previous release, A N D, KABUKU EP features multiple drummers. The first track doesn’t actually have a drum track, but instead features an a cappella intro with multi-tracked vocals providing singing and percussion. The guitars come in later in the track. This song is a little bit experimental but also a pretty clear message: tricot may not have a permanent drummer but they are not an incomplete band.

Most of the other tracks’ drumming is provided by fairly unknown indie drummers. Setsuyakuka is Abe Yuma of the band Norm (濃霧), Aaa is Kitagawa Akiyuki, who has various projects including Hello Micro Computer, and Aoi Kuse is Yoshida Yusuke, who recently drummed for tricot at two concerts. Plastic is drummed by Yuumi of FLiP, one of my favorite major label bands, which recently went on an indefinite hiatus. Abe’s drumming really fits tricot to a tee. Kigatawa starts out his track with an interesting rimshot-based drum line. Yuumi’s track is the most technically challenging, with some insane rhythms and tempo changes.

Overall, this five-track album is ambitious and a positive direction for the band. Although there were numerous elements adding freshness to A N D, such as the influence of the various drummers and a salsa number like Niwa, overall it felt like another chapter from the same book at T H E, with the tracks that didn’t stand out right away blending into the mix. Every song on KABUKU EP feels a little bit new, a little bit different, yet they don’t stray too far from tricot’s core sound. The structure of the songs is exciting and Ikkyu’s singing, especially on Setsuyakuka, really takes it to the next level.

Standout Tracks

  • Setsuyakuka – Ikkyu’s vocal change ups really make this, particularly the soulful section in the bridge
  • Aaa – The chorus of this is just too catchy


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