Polkadot Stingray: Taking the Indie Scene by Storm

Lately the scene has been abuzz about Polkadot Stingray, a four-piece indie rock band from Fukuoka. Although they only formed their band about a year and a half ago, they are already starting to hit the bigger indie music festivals (like Mihoudai in Osaka this summer) and charting on the indie iTunes Japan (this also means international fans can actually buy their music, although a bit of a runaround to set up a Japanese iTunes account, as opposed to many bands with venue-only CDs). On their first visit to Tokyo only a few months prior, they played four nights back-to-back and all four shows sold out. Their wide-reaching popularity is probably driven by this extremely well-done, self-made music video for their song Telecaster Stripe. The director is none other than frontwoman Shizuku. With over a million views, it is a huge accomplishment for a band that hasn’t yet signed to a label.

More recently, they put out a video for the single Ningyo (“Mermaid”) off of their upcoming EP being released at CD shops Japan-wide in November.

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