Yabai T-shirts-ya-san Major Debut

A band with one of my favorite names, Yabai T-shirts-ya-san (roughly “Terrible T-Shirt Shop”), had their major label debut just a couple weeks back. On the new album is a re-recording of their song Atsumare! Party People. They released a music video for the song originally about a year ago, which was just a camera on a tripod recording them playing the song in a practice studio and generally goofing around. Now, a year later, they made a new music video for the new recording. I originally saw it linked from an article titled something to the effect of “They’ve misunderstood how to use money for their music video.” You can watch it for yourself, but it seems to start off almost exactly the same as the previous version, with them playing in a studio, but it has a bit of a surprise ending. I think it’s a pretty hilarious choice for the video.

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