Amelie – Zero Jyanai | Music Video Monday

Amelie was picked up by Noid, who also manages Super Beaver, about a year ago. Their sound is pretty straightforward Japanese rock, but a lot of songs have some nice minor key chord progressions and pack a little punch. I’m also a fan of the singing, which finds a nice balance of aggressiveness. Their newest song “Zero Jyanai” isn’t as strong as my favorite songs off of their full length album from last year, but it’s growing on me as I listen.

BOMI – A_B | Music Video Monday

This music video came out a little while ago in November. It’s the title track from BOMI’s newest album which she crowdfunded. Rewards included special merch, participating in an end of the year party, or even a sleepover (female fans only). She’s also recently started doing shows again after having done very few for at least a year. I believe she also does modeling work, so perhaps she’s been busy with that.