Saucy Dog – Itsuka | Music Video Monday

I’d seen the (rather silly-sounding) band name around, but I watched this recent music video from Saucy Dog last week and it sounds fantastic. Three piece band from Kansai. The singer has a great, clear voice and I like the backing vocals as well. They’re playing at a festival I’m going to soon so I’ll definitely be checking them out there.

One thought on “Saucy Dog – Itsuka | Music Video Monday

  1. seriously, I thought the same too! the first time I heard the vocalist’s voice, I was in love already! he has a great voice… and I looked at the comments on the video, and people are praising the vocalist’s voice too (so it’s not just me, I thought, hahaha). they deserve more fame!!!

    btw, how was the festival? did you watch their live?


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