Sunny Car Wash – Kill Me | Music Video Monday

Sunny Car Wash is a young indie emo-pop band from Utsunomiya in Tochigi Prefecture, just a ways north of Tokyo, that has recently been making a big splash. They’re starting to sell out small venues and have just released their first minialbum last month, which you can buy at Tower Records or HMV. Their sound is an upbeat pop-rock groove with warbling oft-out-of-tune emotional singing from band frontman Adam.┬áKill Me is by far their catchiest song, though the music video features an older version from their demos. It was rerecorded on the album with their new drummer who replaced their previous drummer Naho, who left the band to concentrate on her other group Lucie,Too.


Music Video Roundup

Milkyway – Jigoku de aitai

Lead track from their new minialbum dropping next month. This is the best Milkway song in a long time! The title translates to “I want to meet you in hell” and was inspired after Kaori got dumped.


Regal Lily – Transistor Radio

Also from a minialbum coming next month. A little poppier than their usual style but very enjoyable.


Polkadot Stingray – Synchronisica

A second music video off their recent 4-track EP. As always, a very polished video and more dressing up in various costumes.


Katokitto – Kamisama no hakarai

Third video from their minialbum that came out just with week — the first with a real director, Katou Mani, who does a lot of indie/pro music videos. This whole mini goes in some interesting directions with their sound.


Okazaki Taiiku – Kanjou no pixel

Another hilarious video from Taiiku last month.


Sappy – Orange&fall

Finally, last week’s video from Sappy out of Kobe. I believe this is the first time mentioning them, but they are a five-piece pop band heavy on the keyboards. This isn’t my favorite number by them.

Saucy Dog – Itsuka | Music Video Monday

I’d seen the (rather silly-sounding) band name around, but I watched this recent music video from Saucy Dog last week and it sounds fantastic. Three piece band from Kansai. The singer has a great, clear voice and I like the backing vocals as well. They’re playing at a festival I’m going to soon so I’ll definitely be checking them out there.