Asian Kung-Fu Generation – Kouya wo aruke| Music Video Monday

One of my first favorite Japanese bands was Asian Kung-Fu Generation (Ajikan for short) and 20 years after their debut they still have it. This song is a tie-in with a movie called Yoru wa mijikashi aruke yo otome, by the same team and based on another book by the same author of Tatami Galaxy, my favorite anime series. That show also had a tie-in song with Ajikan and the character design for both is done by Nakamura Yusuke, the artist who draws the Ajikan album covers. The movie just came out this weekend and it was excellent as well.

Japan Video

Non-Japan Video

yonige – Sayonara Prisoner | Music Video Monday

New music video from the Osaka-based indie band yonige. It’s strange, but whenever a band makes their name a Japanese word written in Roman letters, I tend forget that it actually has a meaning, especially if it’s not a word I think about very often. Their name means “running away in the night.” Unrelated fact: the singer is apparently half Australian. Yonige also covered “Soranin” on the Asian Kung-Fu Generation tribute album that was released last week, which I’d like to write a review about when I’ve had more time to listen.

Bakyun the everyday – City Boy | Music Video Monday

First music video from Bakyun the everyday, a noisy, poppy, garage-rocky band with double vocals, male and female. The two guitarists/singers are the only official members but they play as a 4-piece band. Next month they’re dropping their first mini album and soon after they’ll be heading to Canada as part of Next Music from Tokyo. One of the better zero budget music videos I’ve seen. Simple works best for those.


Crayon Eater – Headphone Shiteiru kara Muteki | Music Video Monday

I came across this band a while back and found this song quite catchy. The title translates roughly to “As long as I’m wearing headphones, I’m unstoppable.” It sound a little bit like the simple rock of The Pillows but with a little more current indie influence. They released their first full album in October of last year.

Amelie – Zero Jyanai | Music Video Monday

Amelie was picked up by Noid, who also manages Super Beaver, about a year ago. Their sound is pretty straightforward Japanese rock, but a lot of songs have some nice minor key chord progressions and pack a little punch. I’m also a fan of the singing, which finds a nice balance of aggressiveness. Their newest song “Zero Jyanai” isn’t as strong as my favorite songs off of their full length album from last year, but it’s growing on me as I listen.