Next Music From Tokyo 11

On for the second time this year, Next Music From Tokyo¬†will bring five indie bands on a four-stop tour of Canada. The genre of music over the years covers a pretty wide range, but often features bands with female vocals, math rock, experimental/noise bands, and most recently underground idols. Here’s the line up coming this October:


Formed in 2016 by Daijiro (formerly of math pop band Uchu Combini), this band has yet to actually play a live show. The recording singer for their first minialbum which dropped in December was disinclined to play shows, and now that they have a new singer for a live line up, their first gigs will be on this edition of NMFT. They are mathy and light, and a bit folky. Inclusion of a flute is a unique highlight.

Gozen Sanji to Taikutsu

Returning to Canada again after touring on NMFT volume 8. They have a dark alternative sound, occasionally whimsical, occasionally reminiscent of Showa Japanese pop. The music video I linked is their most recent, but most of their songs sound fairly different since most songs are written by vocalist/keyboardist Anisonin and not guitarist Hoshi.

o’summer vacation

This band I’m unfamiliar with but seems to be a kind of noise rock three piece band with just drums, vocals, and bass. Twitter lists their location as Kyoto and Facebook indicates they’ve been going since 2010.

Koutei Camera Girl Drei

This will be the third time in a row an (anti) idol group has made it into the lineup, so perhaps that will be a mainstay of future NMFT as well. From what I can tell, Koutei Camera Girl was the original version of this idol group, and at some point they renamed to Koutei Camera Girl Zwei (Koutei Camera Girl 2). They broke up in January of this year, but are reforming with new members under the name Koutei Camera Girl Drei (3). Their sound seems to be a mix of typical idol music with rapping, but the song I linked has more of a lo-fi quality.


Nuito are a big name in the Japanese math rock scene who were on a hiatus from 2009 until last year. They are a bit on the aggressive side with a helping of progressive rock and twangy guitar.

Oct 6 Toronto @ Tranzac
Oct 7 Toronto @ Lee’s Palace
Oct 8 Montreal @ Divan Orange
Oct 11 Vancouver @ KW Studios