Kuroki Nagisa – Jiyuuritsu: Best Albums of 2015 #2

Kuroki Nagisa – Jiyuuritsu


  1. Koshi tantan to tantan to (虎視眈々と淡々と)
  2. Makura kotoba (枕詞)
  3. Daiyogen (大予言)
  4. Almond (アーモンド)
  5. 107
  6. Inochigake de hoshii mono hitotsu (命がけで欲しいものひとつ)
  7. Template (テンプレート)
  8. Kimi ga watashi wo dame ni suru (君が私をダメにする)
  9. Shiroya (白夜)

Kuroki Nagisa is a singer-song writer who started out in a band (also called Kuroki Nagisa). Their first and only album release was a self-titled 7-track mini album (although written 黒キ渚 instead of 黒木渚) in 2013. It’s great short pop and rock CD and has my absolute favorite track by her called Atashi no shinzou ageru, which translates to “I’ll give you my heart.” Except in Japanese, the words for heart like emotions (kokoro) and the organ (shinzou) are two separate words and Nagisa is going to give you her throbbing heart. It’s a great obsessive love song. After she went solo from the band, Nagisa released a full length album in 2014. Although it had a couple of really catchy numbers like Kakumei, there were a lot of boring filler songs and ballads and I was afraid her music career was going to continue to head in a direction that I wasn’t much in favor of (similar to Uchuu Mao, another band-turned-singer-songwriter whose amazing rock/pop music has gradually declined into nothing but boring pop numbers).

However, Jiyuuritsu not only renewed my faith in Nagisa but completely blew away all my expectations. It is beginning-to-end a thoroughly enjoyable album. It is still more leaning towards pop than her initial release, but there is a real rocking song on track 7 with Template. All the songs have a distinct Kuroki Nagisa flavor to them but each is refreshing in its own way and doesn’t give me that flat feeling that plagued her second album.

Standout tracks: